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Beecholme is also the first postwar "mixed development" housing scheme in Hackney, with a mixture of houses and flats with the taller block having five storeys and containing one-bedroom and bedsit accommodation. It is featured in Volume 15 of Hackney History and was the site of Beecholme House, the family home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed as a British spy in the American War of Independence.

Grounds 1

 Grounds Project DIARY 

Most recently added to (bottom of page) on:  Fri 28th May 2010

Phase 1 - Planting
Last year (2009) we talked about the grounds
applied for and got an HCVS grant
then used it in combination with some of our 2009 EIB funds.

This year (2010) we finalized the contractor and..
...well, read on and see for yourself

 Phase 2 - Sculptures
See the new "Sculpture" page  (June '10)
The concept/preferred sculptor and basic plans were tackled last year,
hoping the grounds planting then sculptures would be done at the same time.
Hopefully it won't be too long. It depends entirely on the funding.

See also last years posts:



(in chronological order)

We will be deciding which planting proposal for the beds we prefer at the meeting.

 Have your say as a Beecholme resident.
After all, you'll be living with the view all year!

We have varying proposals, from informal to formal, all with photos of
the plants they intend to use and the number of
beds each gardening company can do within budget.

 You will be leafleted in the next few days:

£2,500 is from our estate Environmental Improvement Budget '09 from Hackney Homes
and £5,000 is the grant we successfully applied for last year from HCVS


At the meeting we looked over proposals from 5 different gardening companies and the Grass Roof Company with Wendy Allen Design came out on top again.
They have met Hackney Homes procurement requirements so can be issued a work order and get paid (after the work is signed off) - essential for the first £2,500 of work (from our 2009 EIB) to be done this financial year.

John Little of the Grass Roof Co came to the estate today and sprayed back the strips at the bottom of railings where this sort of planting is going in:

He'll be back on the estate next week to make a start on the preparation work needed for the total of £7,500 of work and planting.

Here is some of the proposed planting as it was in the initial plan.
Much will be same, in fact most, just one or two changes to plants after a meeting with the groundsmen from Hackney Homes
and the TRA.


We are lucky to have Wendy Allen designing the beds for us
on behalf of the Grass Roof Co.



For the background and selection of the Grass Roof Co click:

The Grounds Project Phase 1 - Planting
Planting has been funded
by a £5,000 HCVS grant
£2,500 from our 2009 EIB fund
from Hackney Homes. 

Friday 5th March
John Little of the Grass Roof Co came to the estate today
and sprayed back the strips at the bottom of railings
and at various edges of some beds
where more of the same (or similar) is going in.

Monday 8th March
This morning John gave instruction to his gardeners for the preparation of specific beds - diferent beds need different preparation, as you might expect, depending on the current state of the ground, it's coverage and aspect.

They started work on the beds on Prout Road:

The roses that were taken out have been left for residents.
If you have a back garden or space for a couple of roses
please do help yourself  - within reason.
UPDATE - taken within 24 hrs.

They're in 3 buckets next to the main entrance to the tall block (63-104):


Any still left in a day or two will be moved to the estate allotment at the SE corner of the estate, behind where the synagogue used to be, for storage.

Thurday 11th March

 The whole team came today to continue with preparation work
starting on the beds in front of block 10-21



There's still work to be done in front of block 34-51
as well as the raised bed at the Casimir Road main sign.


Sat 20th March

Prep has also started on the raised bed (pictured above)
in Casimir Road.

  Tue 23th March

We will be asking for the planting to be done as soon as possible but there may well be a delay, so be prepared to put up with muddy beds in the meantime.

In order to use our 2009/10 EIB funds, they had to be spent and the work invoiced this financial year. Hackney Jomes procurement dept. asked that the work be done by now in fact so they still have time to process things before April 1st when the new financial year starts.

The Grassroofco. is very much in demand and they have other jobs they'd started before ours so we have to wait our turn. There are also considerations such as the best planting times. I seem to remember John saying that some of the plants going in should be planted around May or even June - not that we'll be waiting until then for most of the planting though.

As I say, we'll be asking that any more preparation work is finished asap and planting started thereafter. Hopefully in the very near future.


I've just checked and the planting will start on the 20th of April.

The  delay is due in part because of their other commitments and part due to "best planting" time and availability of plants from the nursery.

We had to get the preparation done now, in this financial year.

There's more compost to go down and work to the front of block 34-55 to be done in preparation for planting in the meantime though.

The above was also circulated to every resident on the front page
of our TRA newsletter

  Mon 29th March


Tue 6th April

I've just designed, printed and placed these info signs
on the railing and on a stake in the top square.
Unfortunately, someone has removed that one - it wasn't tied down, just on a stake, driven into the ground!

Planting to start soon

The lastest news is that the planting will start on the 20th April when John Little and Wendy Allen along with 5 or more helpers will be here.


 19th April & 20th April
Delivery and Planting

(To see any of the montages below full size, just right click and select open in new window or tab
then click on them again to bring them up well over A4).

Thank you GrassRoofCo and Wendy Allen Design


Here's the full plant list:

John will be back on Monday 5th of May
to put a bark mulch over all the beds.

Not only will it make them look neater
it will stop the weeds growing
help preserve moisture

In the meantime Ingrid (resident in the tall block) and I have been watering all the beds as needed every couple of days (and nights)

I'll have all the photos above and more up on my Flickr stream
as soon as I've processed them individually

Sun 2nd May

The plants only went in 10 days ago.
We've been watering them regularly and they seem
to be settling in nicely

I took these shots the day before yesterday

outside the entrance to 22-27

main notice board at the very bottom of Prout Road

 outside block 10-21

at the end of block 10-21 under the CCTV camera

   Tue 4th May

Bark mulch delivered and distributed on the beds

Below: Here's a shot of Christine Williamson, our TRA vice-chair
talking to John Little of the Grass Roof Co

Below: A shot of the Casimir Road raised bed taken around the 3rd of April


  FRI 14 MAY

I just wanted to relay the fact the John Little regularly checks the whole of the new planting every few days on his way to other current projects.
Yesterday morning at about 6.30 am I heard some rustling right outside my window and suspecting some idiot was either picking flowers or cutting accross the corner, over the beds, I got out of bed and opened the window.
There was John, checking all the plants were settling in as expected.

Thank you John!


I've taken these over the last couple of days.
It's surprising how fast some of the plants have grown.

First, the wildflower strips on the main square
and the small square:

The following are taken in various beds throughout the estate.


Photos taken 20th and 22nd May

The full size shots plus quite a few more are available on my Flickr stream at

The plants growth has been very good as you can see

Continued on "Grounds 2"
with lots more photos

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