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Beecholme is also the first postwar "mixed development" housing scheme in Hackney, with a mixture of houses and flats with the taller block having five storeys and containing one-bedroom and bedsit accommodation. It is featured in Volume 15 of Hackney History and was the site of Beecholme House, the family home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed as a British spy in the American War of Independence.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

First New Enhanced TRA meeting

Our first "Enhanced TRA meeting" is on
Wednesday 10th of October at 7pm

at the usual hall on the corner of Prout Road.

It heralds a new streamlined system for getting work done which includes the use of a new computer program called "RESPOND". If work asked for is not started within 2 weeks it is automatically flagged at a senior level.

It also should mean we, the residents have greater control and say as to where the money is spent for budgets such as the EIB (Environmental Improvement Budget) as well as the 184 Budget (reactive repairs).
We can ask for money from the EIB budget to be "matched" out of the 184 if the project is too expensive for just the EIB. This amount to several thousand pounds and if a project costs more, funds are available from other sources. It is possible for projects costing well over £10k to be within our grasp.

We can also get work done by any contractor we want as opposed to getting it done by Hackney or a Hackney Homes sub-contractor.

As long as the project is for a public access area we can do what we want!

See below for some of the suggestions and contact details

We need your suggestions as well as your democratic vote.

Why leave it up to the same 10 people to make all the decisions.
You might think differently.

You will be warmly welcomed.

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