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Beecholme is also the first postwar "mixed development" housing scheme in Hackney, with a mixture of houses and flats with the taller block having five storeys and containing one-bedroom and bedsit accommodation. It is featured in Volume 15 of Hackney History and was the site of Beecholme House, the family home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed as a British spy in the American War of Independence.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Don't dump it, use FreeCycle

To find a FreeCycle group(s) near you, just click on this link:

It's free to join and use.

Why dump stuff you no longer need if it still works or is serviceable?
Let someone else have - and they'll collect from your door.

The best solution is to post the item on FreeCycle.

I've just seen 2 car bicycle racks/holders next to the bins that are perfectly complete and usable. They'll end up in landfill unless someone passing happens to want them.

As the name "FreeCycle" suggests you must offer the item(s) free for collection.
You can sign up to a FreeCycle group in your area and/or the London group. I'm a member of Hackney, Islington East and London FreeCycle.
It's a great place to find items as well.

Here's the link for Hackney FreeCycle:

I found a fridge and (under counter) oven plus hob on FreeCycle (all less than a year old) posted locally and now have them in my kitchen.

Many people, when they buy a new house, rip out perfectly good kitchens simply because they want a different style. Rather than sell the items or less the builder dump everything, the people in the know use FreeCycle.

You can "offer" and or "collect" virtually everything!!

From books to cameras to beds to cars

When you join a group I recommend you select not to accept notifications by email as there are hundreds - rather select to view all posts online (ie on the webpage for the group). You'll get the option in the signing up process.

Here is a random example page:

click on it to see it bigger

To find a FreeCycle group near you, go to:

It's free to join & use - and you'll be helping to save the planet!

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