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Beecholme is also the first postwar "mixed development" housing scheme in Hackney, with a mixture of houses and flats with the taller block having five storeys and containing one-bedroom and bedsit accommodation. It is featured in Volume 15 of Hackney History and was the site of Beecholme House, the family home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed as a British spy in the American War of Independence.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Timeless British values to live by

Timeless values Briton's hold that should never go out of fashion:

  • Tolerance - this does not mean accept intolerant action by others but does mean tolerating intolerant beliefs and beliefs contrary to your own others hold as true.
  • Consideration - for your fellow man "Do as you would be done by".
  • Fairness - equity and impartiality before the law and in everyday dealings with others.
  • Moderation - in all things.
  • Honesty - and integrity.
  • Cleanliness - both personal and environmental (no spitting or littering)
  • Civic Responsibility - volunteering a minimum of time to help your community.
  • Charity - towards others in thought and action "there, by the grace of God go I" is one to keep in mind.

Is there anything I've missed?
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This shouldn't need saying but I'm afraid it does - all to often.

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