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Beecholme is also the first postwar "mixed development" housing scheme in Hackney, with a mixture of houses and flats with the taller block having five storeys and containing one-bedroom and bedsit accommodation. It is featured in Volume 15 of Hackney History and was the site of Beecholme House, the family home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed as a British spy in the American War of Independence.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Gazette letter slates Tram Depot development

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March 24th issue of the Hackney Gazette:
Letter slating the development

View the printed paper online at:

Ugly, Oppressive and Soulless! These are just some of the words used by local residents to describe a developer's plans for the historic Victorian horse tram depot at 38-40 Upper Clapton Road.

As you will see from the illustration supplied by the developer, a seven-storey apartment block for private sale is proposed to front on to Upper Clapton Road, with 84 residential units in total across the site, plus parking for 42 cars. This will displace the artists, craftspeople and other small enterprises who for the past two decades have inhabited the Tram Depot site. The site is designated a Priority Employment Area by Hackney Council and should therefore be developed as such, protecting the livelihoods of the existing people on the site.

With greater vision and imagination by the developer, an arts centre with exhibition space and cafe could be incorporated into a real characterful development, which would be of greater benefit to the Upper Clapton area than more apartments for private sale.

Local councillor Ian Rathbone will be representing the views of those residents who oppose the current development plans at the Planning Committee on April 4th.

Please email Ian if you agree that what the developer is proposing is not in the interests of your neighbourhood. 

His email address is:

please cc in:

In addition
 I might add that the Old Tram Depot complex, with it's 3 owners, (the main 38-40 Upper Clapton Road buildings, the single storey 1873 range adjacent with the turretted chimney and the end unit at 2 Prout Rd) is one of only 2 tram depots in the whole country (the other in Sheffield) that has buildings ranging from 1873 through to the demise of the trams in the early/mid 1900's and that reflect the development of public transport from horse drawn trams to electric.

I can't believe the short sightedness of allowing a completely usable locally listed building to be lost to over-development, especially as it is so vehemently opposed by virtually every Clapton resident, local residents groups, the Clapton Arts Trust, the Hackney Society and all local councillors.

Don't let it happen - object by Fri 25th

Add your objection or comment to the planning officer on the planning webpage here:

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The better alternative

“Clapton residents are fighting for their
cultural heritage – campaigning to keep
the old Tram Depot a space for artists
and small-scale manufacturers.
I am supporting their push to retain and
regenerate this unique building, so it can
take up its rightful place at the heart of
Clapton’s community.”
 said London Assembly member Jennette Arnold, 
who has given her full backing to CAT’s campaign. 

"I would like to strongly support the idea of turning the Old Tram Depot at 38-40 Upper Clapton Road over to an Arts & Crafts Trust or Foundation."


"I was happy to sign the petition,
I think it is a really visionary idea"
                                 says Diane Abbott MP

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