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Beecholme is also the first postwar "mixed development" housing scheme in Hackney, with a mixture of houses and flats with the taller block having five storeys and containing one-bedroom and bedsit accommodation. It is featured in Volume 15 of Hackney History and was the site of Beecholme House, the family home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed as a British spy in the American War of Independence.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Last last chance to fight high-rise in Lea Regional Park

 The LVRPA today decide to write the pre-action letter to LB Waltham Forest in pursuit of a JR of the decision to grant a high density residential development on Essex Wharf - due in large part to the recent high volume of emails and letters from residents demanding a JR be pursued -
however, the final decision to go forward hasn't been taken yet.

Please do continue to email at least the chair and vice chair of the LVRPA (see below), if not all the committee members, asking for the JR.

(of previous post: Last chance to fight high-rise)

The LVRPA have indicated that a High Court JR to overturn the Secretary of State's decision will NOT go ahead, however a JR of the planning decision IS still possible

Please email the LVRPA executive committee:

Derrick Ashley (Chairman):

Michael Rye (Vice Chairman):

Valerie Metcalfe:

Joyce Ryan:

Liz Webster:

Christopher Kennedy:

and ask them to pursue the Judicial Review of the LB Waltham Forest planning decision at the next executive committee meeting.

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